Testing Update

Last week I detailed my plans for setting automated unit testing in butter. Here's a short update on my work.

I was able to get bot.io to initiate test runs on my test swarm installation( Popcorn.js unit tests ). It took some experimentation to get working, and there's still several issues to address, but I proved it could be done. There's no way to post back to the pull request with a direct link to the test run results due to how test swarm works. I could re-write some Perl scripts responsible for submitting jobs, but I have a feeling that will break other parts of the swarm. We will see.

I'm working on tightening up the swarm so that it will only ever accept jobs from bot.io. Bot.io will determine what Git Hub users are allowed to request jobs.

I need to determine my VM requirements for the swarm clients. I've disabled joining the swarm, so that only approved clients will run jobs. I'm thinking I need at least 14 VMs: Seven Windows (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE 8, IE 9, IE 10), Four Mac: (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) and 3 Linux (Firefox, Chrome, Opera). I'll work on that next week.

I made good progress I think. Due to this week and the last being short weeks, I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but next week I'll push hard to get a bunch of work done.