Popcorn and Butter Testing Update - 2

Today was a good day. I've managed to get my scripts to easily handle job requests for Butter and Popcorn!

This means that one try command script can be used for both botio installations for each project. When a user types "/botio try", botio will post to a PHP script on the swarm server. This script will look at the information it receives and determine what swarm job script to invoke.

Butter jobs will be submitted using the "butter" user account, and Popcorn jobs will be submitted under the "popcornjs" account. This keeps them separated from each other, and easier to look through when trying to find your job.

I've disabled the creation of user accounts and public joining of the swarm, until I determine how exactly we'd like it configured. This way people won't get excited and join the swarm only to find their account is gone the next day :P

In terms of clients ( instances of browsers that poll the swarm for jobs ), There are none currently connected to the swarm. I'll spend tomorrow setting up as many VM's as I can, and get them connected and ready to run tests.

Butter jobs are capable of being submitted to the swarm, unfortunately I need a "tests.conf" file in the repository before unit tests can be run. This file will describe the locations of each unit test file, which will let the swarm know what tests to send to to connected clients. I need to file a ticket for that, and coordinate it with Matt.

The try command is up and running on popcorn right now ( only white listed users can use the command ). Don't use it though, because as there aren't any clients, nothing will run and I don't wanna have to go and delete a whole pile of jobs from the queue.

I love making progress!