A brief update

Things have been pretty exciting at CDOT over the past several months. I have fell far behind in keeping my blog up to date. I'm going to take some time today to summarize the major events that have come to pass since my last post. I'll talk about my trip to California and my trip to London, England as well as the TED.com video.

I was invited in late September to go to the Popcorn Stakeholders meeting which was held in the Mozilla offices in San Francisco, CA. The purpose of the trip was to get together with Mozilla and other organizations to discuss the future of the Popcorn.js library. We spent two days having meetings and doing brainstorming sessions about various topics like second screen technology, Popcorn "2.0", as well as talks about community engagement in the project. It was a very productive couple of days, and I even had the chance to beef up some of Popcorn's documentation.

The next big event of the summer was the unveiling of Popcorn Maker 0.9 on the TED blog, and the accompanying video of Mozilla COO Ryan Merkley presenting an earlier version of the app to the crowd at TED Global. The whole team worked tirelessly to get the app ready for the launch, which in the end went very smoothly. Here's the Popcorn Maker project that was embedded in the TED Blog:

The last big thing to mention is the release of Popcorn Maker 1.0 at the Mozilla Festival 2012 in London, England. You can read up more about what the festival was about on their website: http://mozillafestival.org/ . As a members of the development team for Popcorn Maker, CDOT employees Dave Seifried, Matthew Schranz and I were invited to participate in the festival. We spent the weekend talking to people about Popcorn Maker and hacking on cool Webmaker related things. David Seifried and I even hacked together a tablet ready version of Popcorn Maker! If you're interested in reading more about what was made at the festival, there's a great post here that you can read about the demo party.