VideoSequencer.js 0.3 Release!!

It's been a long time coming, but its officially here.....

VideoSequencer.js 0.3! yaaaay!

So here's a breakdown of whats new:

Event Handling:  You can now call the addEventListener method of your VideoSequencer object and it will take care of applying it to every video in the sequence as required! like magic! You can even remove event listeners from the Sequencer!

A basic user interface is in the works, compliments of Soda.js.  I have tweaked it for use with the VideoSequencer, allowing for Pause and Play methods, as well as a timebar that can display (with some precision)  the position of playback within the entire sequence.  I'm working on a a click-able seek bar, but complications with Seek have forced that out of this release :(....

Check out the demo of this in action!
As always, you need a browser that supports the HTML5 Video Element. (Firefox 3.x+, Chrome)

GitHub Repo for 0.3 release

You can see my Wiki page for VideoSequencer is HERE (sorry, it's a little bare, but I'm going to update it today/tomorrow)

Although this is the end of the course (OSD600), I do plan on continuing my work on VideoSequencer, hopefully in between my coop placement and Project Implementation course... assuming both don't suck the life out of me. Feel free to Fork the repo if you'd like to make changes to the code, and if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to contact me, (Blog, Wiki Account, irc(cadecairos))

It's been an amazing learning experience for me though.  I've gone from knowing next to nothing about JavaScript to being able to do just about anything in a short amount of time! I've also developed an interest in the Open Source community, and plan to be a part of it for a while yet (regardless of how big/small of a role I play haha)

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to Everyone!!