VideoSequencer.js 0.1 Release!

For the past few weeks I've been working on building a JavaScript library called VideoSequencer.js.

The purpose of VideoSequencer is to take any number of video sources and sequence them one after then other, then have them play as if they were one video, with controls that manipulate them as one entity.

Today I would like to announce the 0.1 release of VideoSequencer.js!!

Here's a live demo of what I've done so far. (Turn down your speakers!!)
The demo will run on any browser that supports HTML5 Video and the OGV videoc codec (Theora + Vorbis).
If you aren't able to view it for some reason I uploaded a short YouTube video

I've set up a GitHub Repository which can be found here: VideoSequencer.js

As far as 0.2 is concerned, I would like to optimize the transitions between videos, optimize the seek function, and add Pause and Play functionality.