Video Wrapper for Popcorn.js

In this blog post, I would like to announce my participation in the development of a new video wrapper for the popcorn.js library being developed by the Center for Development of Open Technology.

Popcorn.js is a javascript library that enhances videos on the web.  If you would like to know more about popcorn.js check out their wiki site. There is a really cool demo of the library that pull in information from Google, Twitter, and Wikipedia there too. Download the Popcorn.js source code here.

The proposed video wrapper for the library will provide a new API that will allow multiple videos to be controlled simultaneously by popcorn, as well as provide a way to combine multiple videos together with play and seek controls. (ie. with 20 x 15 minute videos, seeking halfway through would bring you into video 10). I would also like to add ways to show thumbnails of the specific point in the timeline.

The project is being done to provide the Global Lives Project with tools to put together a video demonstration on their website(Keep in mind this is all what i have come to understand about the wrapper through only a few discussions and some research.) But the ultimate goal is to provide web developers with tools to enhance the video experience on the web.

Firstly, I heave created a wiki page to track my progress on the wrapper.

I have been in contact with Joel Young, who has done some work on the wrapper already, I just need to figure out where to start, because I honestly have no idea what to do.  Anna Sobiepanek is also one contact I will be collaborating with on the project.

If you want to contribute to the project you can visit the wiki I've set up or find me (cadecairos) on irc (#seneca on Moznet or Freenode)

I'll blog with more information about the project once I learn more about what I'm doing :)