Popcorn.Processing.js Has Landed!

Awesome name isn't it? "popcorn.processing.js".

After being idle for a couple of months, I grabbed this ticket and rewrote it from the ground up (almost :P ).  Yesterday, it passed the review process we have here at CDOT and was staged into the development branch :D !!

Since I last wrote about this plug-in and my work on it, I have made several changes.  Loading of sketches and display/hiding of them is functioning much better than it was before.  I've also added in a "noPause" parameter that, when set to true, will not pause the sketch when the video is pause, allowing for interactive Processing sketches to continue to play. Alternatively, when set to false (default), the sketch will pause/play with the video.

Unfortunately, the technical limitations of Processing aren't giving me any way of syncing the sketch 1:1 with the media (i.e. Seeking through the video and sketch simultaneously).  I going to code in functionality that allows the sketch to reset on its start time, if desired by the creator of the page.

I created a little demonstration of this plug-in here. I'm no designer, so its no masterpiece, but I did want to show that it is working very well for a first try :)

For the rest of this week I'm shifting into review mode to help get the remaining tickets out the door in time for our 0.7 release this week!