Popcorn.js v1.3

We've just released Popcorn.js 1.3!

It's been over 4 months since 1.2 and we've resolved many tickets over that time period. One of the reasons it's taken so long is that much of the team and community has been focused on our development of Butter & Popcorn Maker. This release brings a ton of bug fixes and several new features. There have also been some structural modification of the repo that I will go over.

Lets get down to the stats:

Total tickets: 143

Resolved tickets: 18

Staged Tickets: 125

Not too bad I would say, that's a solid size for a release that was on the back burner for several months.

Some of the newest features in this release include:

  • #478 - New HTML5 Soundcloud player:New HTML5 Soundcloud player
  • #915 - MediaSpawner Plugin
  • #981 - Stamen Tile support in Google Maps plugin
  • #990 - One time track events using a "once" attribute
  • #1011 & #1089  - New Text plugin is a hybrid of footnote and subtitle
  • #1015  -Plugin time ranges
  • #1037 - Standard element query function Popcorn.dom.find()
  • #1045 - A new test runner for all the projects' unit tests
  • #1064 - "attrchange" Event for popcorn instances
  •  #1084 - A new cue API that allows modifications after a cue has been set
That's a lot of cool new stuff! You can see our full changelog here.

We've also gone and done something we needed to do for a long, long time. A bunch of plugins have been moved from the plugins directory into an "unsupported" directory. We will not prioritize the development of these plugins any longer, and they will be just provided "as-is". This move has been made to help us put more focus on the core plugins that we want to be available to Popcorn Maker. Plugins that have been moved are:

  • attribution
  • facebook
  • gml
  • lastfm
  • linkedin
  • lowerthird
  • processing
  • rdio
  • tagthisperson
  • tumblr
We've still got a lot of work to do on our documentation, time's a resource we don't have a lot of these days in Popcorn-land. But as always, we've got a very active community mailing list and Developer Mailing List. You can also talk to us developers on IRC on moznet in #popcorn. There's always someone in there between 9AM and 6PM EST and you may find others lurking in the channel outside those times. If you'd like to help us document, or want to contribute to the development of Popcorn feel free to ask on the mailing lists or on IRC, and visit our public bug tracker ( an account is needed to participate in the development, but bugs can be filed anonymously ).

Some important links:


mozilla popcorn

Popcorn on Github

Enjoy Popcorn!