Popcorn.js 0.8 Release!

Popcorn 0.8 is here!

For the better part of the last 2 weeks I have been working hard with the rest of the Popcorn.js team to push out as many tickets as we could for the next release of Popcorn.  It was actually a well executed release, with many  fixes to the core and to various plug-ins.

New features in this release include Locale settings in the Core of Popcorn.js.  This Locale information is based off of your browsers' navigator object.  Popcorn also provides methods to change the current Locale, broadcasting the change to all Popcorn instances on a page.  Now plug-ins finally have the opportunity to determine how to do things based off of the current locale!  For example, a locale of en-US could produce English footnotes, while a locale of fr-CA could produce French footnotes.

Several improvements have been made in regards of script loading, one being that the open-map plug-in included in Popcorn-complete will no longer unconditionally download the massive OpenLayers.js Library.

Another noteworthy change is to the Wikipedia plug-in.  Originally, when you asked it to pull in 20 words, it would actually pull in 20 letters!  fear not internetz, I fixed this up for you so now the plug-in pull in and displays text based on word count, and not letter count! YAY!

We've also exposed a TimeUpdate method, allowing Popcorn developers to update their pages without forcing the media's CurrentTime to change.  This was requested mostly because of Popcorn-Maker, which needed to reflect changes in the Previewer without having to add 0.0000000001 to the media's current time ( thus triggering a "timeupdate" event ).

The Google News Plug-in, as well as support for Google Translate in the Subtitle plug-in have been removed.  This was done because Google has deprecated these two API's and soon they will not be funtional at all as per Google's deprecation policy.

There's lots more included in this release, so checkout our changelog for a complete list of bugs!

There's lots more coming to Popcorn.js in the next month,  so keep on the lookout for cool stuff!