OSD700 Release 0.9

Since my last release my work has been focused on Bug 726904, Bug 517363 and Bug 736400.

Bug 736400 - media.[ogg,webm,wave].enabled cannot toggle off media playback

I found this bug while playing around with media decoder user preferences. I noticed that under certain circumstances it would be impossible to disable a media type. I wrote a quick post about this experience here.

The fix has now been merged into mozilla-central:  https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/391418d235a8

Bug 726904 - - nsVideoFrame::GetVideoIntrinsicSize setting wrong size && Bug 517363 - Preserve video poster aspect ratio when scaling

The two bugs are now basically one problem. The problem being making sure that landing one patch does not break the other. I've been spending a large chunk of my time hacking on this. Problems I'm facing recently are related to mochi tests and reftests.

Now that I have try server access it's been easier for me to test my patches. My latest patch for 726904 seems to work fine on my Linux box that I use for development, but fails all the reftests when I push to try. I honestly haven't a clue why. But I'll keep hacking until I figure it out.