I had an Idea Today..

During the popcorn.js conference call today, an idea came to me that I thought deserved a quick post.

Popcorn allows film makers and developers to map popcorn events to a predetermined timeline (i.e. a video 3:30 seconds long or a 5 minute song). These events are displayed and hidden at specific time.

What if, there was a way for people doing live web-casts to set up popcorn-like events that they can trigger on demand from the presenter's side of the broadcast. Once triggered, all of their live viewers have the meta data load in their browsers.  The players displaying the broadcasts would likely even have time lines that count up, allowing for the creation of automatically triggered events. I imagine setting up the infrastructure for a service like that would be quite an undertaking... but I think the idea has some merit.

Any comments or ideas?