Asteroids pjs 0.2!

Back in October at FSOSS, I attended a game programming with Processing.js workshop. In this workshop, I learned the basics of the language Processing and how to use it with processing.js.  During the workshop I began working on a little asteroids game, and managed to create a controllable ship and spinning asteroids.  After that the code just sat on my computer for several months getting dusty.....

In a moment of boredom, I stumbled upon my code and decided to work on it some more, and now I have the pleasure of releasing version 0.2 of Asteroids PJS! It's nowhere near completion, but I have updated it to have better thrust vectoring, asteroid collision detection (very badly implemented but I'm no game programmer) and, bullets that split asteroids IN TWAIN!!! :D

It uses Open GL, so you're going to have to use a browser that supports it.  Heres what the game looks like thus far:

Arrows left and right rotate, up arrow accelerates and down arrow shoots!!

I set up a github repo here for anyone interested in looking at the source.

Next things I'm going to implement include: Scoring, collisions with the ship, Lives, Health bar (maybe), difficulty modes and, Sound.

Any other feature suggestions are welcome, I'm up for a challenge.